About Us

Ajyad Hills offers a wide variety of real estate services to its clients. We are a customer-focused company that has great expertise in residential and commercial properties.

Background of Ajyad Hills


Ajyad Hills is the accumulated experience extracted over the years from Ajyad Investment which is a leading real estate company, it has been working in the real estate sector in Turkey since 2018. Ajyad investments have been providing valuable real estate services in the Turkish market. We strongly believe in helping our prestigious clients gaining access to the most exclusive and profitable real estate in the Turkish market.

The goal of our work is to facilitate our clients and help them gain profits while investing in the right properties. Ajyad Hills is focused on the real estate in Bodrum and helping our investors benefit from it.

Why choose Ajyad Hills?


We specialize in residential, commercial, and luxury real estate in Bodrum. We offer a wide variety of projects that can help our clients in choosing the best property and investment for them. Additionally, our experience in the Bodrum market gives us a unique competitive edge that can’t be beaten. So, you can count on us to give you the best advice about real estate investment and acquisitions.

Whether you’re an individual interested in relocating to Bodrum or a company interested in building an investment portfolio – we can assist you. You can have full confidence that our in-depth and comprehensive experience of the market in Bodrum will benefit you in every step of the investment.

Your new home or the latest investment


Our wide network of multilingual agents can work faster in locating the home or investment of your dreams. Subsequently, you can rely on us to give you the most competitive market rates ensuring your profit and benefit. Another unique hat of our service is the aspect of confidentiality. We have a reputation for discretion – privacy and confidentiality are a given when dealing with us.

Let us help you in finding your new dream – our highly qualified, experienced, and nuanced consultants are ready to find you the property of your dreams. We are perfectly capable of handling buying and selling of property on your behalf. In addition, we ensure a comprehensive legal and transparent process in real estate and commercial transactions.



There can’t be a better choice than Bodrum for real estate investment.  The Bodrum peninsula is gaining more and more attention as a tourist attraction. It has everything to lure you in, from picturesque and sandy beaches to a lifestyle that is favored by many. There’s a lot of opportunity to invest in the luxury real estate market in Bodrum. Subsequently, this investment isn’t limited to residential real estate but also includes investment in the hospitality sector.

The city has waterfront properties, studio apartments, residential villas, hotels, suitable lands for investment, and a wide array of emerging properties that can turn out to be the perfect investment opportunities.

Upgrade your lifestyle in Bodrum


It is the perfect city for people interested in a higher standard of living. The perfect place to own a real estate as you will be enjoying the crystal clear water, white-sand beaches and fresh air. It’s a paradise to live in with its scenic views, relaxing atmosphere and high quality standards.

Invest in a profitable and high ROI market


The real estate market in Bodrum is rising and increasing at a rapid speed. Now is the time to invest in Bodrum. Our real estate experts at Ajyad Hills are here to guide and help in crafting the most profitable investment portfolio in Bodrum.

Seize this opportunity, and let us help you with your real estate investments in Bodrum. So, whether you’re looking to invest and buy immediately or choose a payment structure with a pre-decided time period, we can facilitate you.

Where to buy in Bodrum?

The real estate in this peninsula is divided into the main town center and many small resorts. It goes without saying, but the main town center has been the high point of all the markets for a long time. However, lately, Yalikavak is gaining attention after the opening of the mega Yacht Palmarina.

Torba, Bitez, and Kadikalesi are also catching the attention of investors with their beautiful villas and rising domestic market. However, if you’re unsure, you can talk to our expert real estate advisors and decide afterward.

Unlimited Luxury Offers

Let us help you in finding your new home or new investment – our highly qualified, experienced, and nuanced consultants are ready to find you the property of your dreams. We are perfectly capable of handling buying and selling of property on your behalf. Additionally, we ensure a thorough legal and transparent process with the transfer of power in property dealings.